Artist Bio

Paul “KINI” Firmin is primarily a traditional artist making modern strides. He explores 2D and 3D art, but his preferred medium is paint. Paul’s work explores the marriage between the physical and spiritual and reflects his own examination of his spirit and the human condition as a whole in the hopes of better connecting the world through understanding. He has participated in exhibitions across South Florida and has been awarded honors such as the Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club of Excellence Award (2018), and the Robert Rauschenberg Residency Private Studio Tour Award (2018), Methods & Concept Scholarship (2023), Southwest Florida Fine Craft Guild Award of Excellence (2023), and FGCU Art Galleries Featured Artist Award. Paul currently resides in South Florida still where he was raised, and continues his painting practice while exploring new techniques and new mediums.


Artist Statement 

To me, fire is a fitting metaphor for this thing we call life. Fire is wild. Fire is beautiful. Fire can create and destroy in the same instance. I also believe there is no fire in life like passion. There are limitless possibilities to be had when the human soul is on fire.  What we can and can’t do is ultimately left to how passionate we are and our perception about life and ourselves. The way we look at things can ultimately light the way or be our own destruction. This body of work uses fire as a motif to reinforce the strong emotions we endure as human beings. Over recent years, it’s safe to say that a fiery rage has been growing in my heart waiting to wipe out any old restraints and limitations on my love for life and all it has to offer. I believe all old paradigms and abusive systems will eventually go up in smoke, but the fire never truly never stops burning. 


Perspective Miami Showcase at Macaya Gallery (2017)

CDV Mana Wynwood (2017)

TheVoidMiami (2017/2019)

Robert Rauschenberg Residency Private Studio Tour Award (2018)

Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club of Excellence Award (2018)

Growth exhibition at HGAB Studios (2019)

Piano Craft Gallery Solo Exhibition (July 2022)